styaller: me!!


bia you are one of the nicest people i have ever talked to. i wish you weren’t all the way in brazil because it’d be so awesome to meet you one day. i love your name though honestly bia is such a pretty name and it fits you well. plus you love narry as much as i do so that makes you double the awesome ok im so glad i followed you because i would’ve been missing out if i hadn’t. also i still cant believe you were lucky enough to see harry sing you and i to niall in person. all the love <3333333333 :)


Tons of pictures of zayn in las Vegas xx


Tons of pictures of zayn in las Vegas xx

doesnarryknow: WAIT don't forget meeeee doesnarryknow aka your sun *sun emoji*

SUN my love even tho you love my dog more than you love me you’re still one of my favs. i love talking to you about narry 24/7 because you understand how i feel <3 and i’m sORRY THAT I THOUGHT YOU WERE 18 OK you look like you’re 18 i don’t make the rules lmao anyway you’re super pretty and i’m glad we’re friends!! love uuuu

nekedniall: nekedniall (i accidentally unfollowed you while trying to send this in im soRRY)

i c an’t believe this i was gonna make a text post lmao anyway i’m gonna try not to mention ed sheeran because i feel like i do it every time. CRYSTAL she’s so so great and she went to the most amazing one direction concert ever pls but i’m glad you had a good time!! you should post more selfies because you’re the cutest!! also you’re so so great i love uuu

versatilenarry: versatilenarry :)

EMILYY sometimes i forget that you’re only 15 lmao you’re so smart and funny, i love everything about you!! ALSO you’re so so so cute pls i love u


me counting how many times niall and harry have proved narry to be real